Twelve-year-old Shayne has always spent summers on the Maine coast, visiting her grandmother Bea and playing with her BFF Poppy. Both Shayne and Bea are collectors of sorts: Shayne revels in golden memories of weaving friendship bracelets with Poppy, while Bea scours yard sales for trinkets to add to the growing pile in her house, jokingly named Junk Mountain.

But this summer everything has changed. Poppy would rather talk boys than bracelets, and Bea’s collecting mania has morphed into hoarding. Only Linc, the weird Civil War-obsessed kid next door, pays attention to Shayne. Turns out Linc has collected a secret of his own. What begins as the worst summer of Shayne’s life becomes the most meaningful, as she wages an all-out battle to save her friendship, rescue her grandmother, and protect the memories she loves the most.

Praise for The Battle of Junk Mountain

VERDICT: Themes of intergenerational relationships, grief, and evolving friendships elevate this above the standard summer vacation story. A solid purchase, especially where realistic coming-of-age middle grade is needed.
— School Library Journal
Told with sensitivity and insight, this summertime coming-of-age story touches on loss and true friendship.
— The Horn Book Guide
This absorbing middle-grade read gently but unflinchingly considers the common ground of growing up and growing old.
— Kirkus Reviews
Realistic descriptions detail what it’s like to live with a hoarder and the reluctance to let go of sentimental treasures. This beautiful story reminds readers that there’s much more to life than material objects.
— Booklist
Grasps the readers attention from beginning to end. Recommended.
— School Library Connection
It’s that upbeat sense in the midst of drama that makes this novel so appealing, and it doesn’t hurt that [the] characters are all so charmingly likeable. Authenticity adds to the positive side, too, as Greenberg puts her people into real situations that aren’t forced.
— Cape Cod Times
Shayne’s sharp wit combined with her can-do compassion grabs us from the get-go. Her summer of trials and unexpected friendships shines a brilliant light on the power of holding on . . . and letting go. I didn’t want this sweet, heartrending story to end!
— Jennifer Richard Jacobson, author of Small as an Elephant
The Battle Of Junk Mountain is a warm, fresh tale that will have readers smelling the salty air of the New England coast as they explore the heavy burden—and joy—of toting around the past. Anyone lucky enough to have a summer friend will instantly relate to Shayne as she navigates honoring old traditions and fostering new paths.
— Beth Vrabel, author of Caleb and Kit and the Pack of Dorks series
Equal parts humor and heart, I fell in love with Thomas Cove and its quirky cast of characters. Readers will be moved by this honest and touching story of change and learning how to let go.
— Erin Teagan, author of The Friendship Experiment